C H A P T E R  6

Configuring Security Realms

So far, we have learned about the basics of Tomcat architecture, and how to run servlets and JSP pages in Tomcat. In this chapter, we cover some of the methods that Tomcat provides for protecting resources. First, we talk about using security realms to protect a resource. Then, we move on to the common security realms used with Tomcat. Finally, we cover the basics of Tomcat container security using BASIC and FORM-based authentication.

In this chapter, we will

  • Introduce security realms
  • Describe MemoryRealm and UserDatabaseRealm and their usage with BASIC authentication
  • Describe JDBCRealm and DataSourceRealm and their usage with FORM-based authentication
  • Introduce JNDIRealm
  • Discuss how you can access ...

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