JConsole configuration on Tomcat 7

JConsole is one of the best monitoring utilities that comes with JDK 1.5 or later. The full form of the JConsole is the Java Monitoring and Management Console. It's a graphical tool, which gives complete details of the application and server performance. It gives us the following information about the application hosted in Tomcat 7:

  • Detect low memory
  • Enable or disable the GC and class loading verbose tracing
  • Detect deadlocks
  • Control the log level of any loggers in an application
  • Access the OS resources—Sun's platform extension
  • Manage an application's Managed Beans (MBeans)

Remote JMX enabling

In order to use the JConsole for Tomcat 7 monitoring, we have to enable the Java Management Extension (JMX) on Tomcat 7. By ...

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