Chapter 8: How Can I Share My Images Digitally?


One of the great things about digital photography is that you no longer need to worry about sending original slides through the mail. However, there are many file formats and sizes that you need to decipher to send a digital version of your image. Aperture simplifies your digital sharing workflow, letting you e-mail or post an image to the web with a single click. Furthermore, you can use Aperture to create advanced presentations, such as slide shows and web pages, with just a few clicks. This chapter explores the powerful tools Aperture provides to share your images digitally.

Exporting Originals and Versions of Images

E-mailing Images

Setting Your Desktop Image

Creating Slide Shows

Creating Web Pages



Using Other Export Plug-ins

Exporting Originals and Versions of Images

The most basic forms of image exporting in Aperture are exporting a copy of the original version of your photo (typically the RAW file) or exporting a specific size and resolution of the selected version of your photo, complete with all the adjustments you’ve made. You might export the original for backup reasons, to provide someone else with your RAW file, or to export the RAW file so that you can open it in a different converter. Typically, though, you export a version of your photo for a specific purpose, whether it’s to e-mail to a client or ...

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