A Literaturverzeichnis

[Amundsen 2010] Amundsen, Mike: Hypermedia Types, 31. Mai 2010; http://amundsen.com/hypermedia/hfactor/.

[Amundsen 2013] Amundsen, Mike: Collection+JSON – Hypermedia Type, 24. Februar 2013; http://amundsen.com/media-types/collection/.

[Amundsen & Nadareishvili 2015] Amundsen, Mike; Nadareishvili, Irakli: Uniform Basis for Exchanging Representations (UBER), 6. Juni 2015; http://rawgit.com/uber-hypermedia/specification/master/uber-hypermedia.html.

[apiDoc] apiDoc Website; http://apidocjs.com; Zugriff am 11.07.2015.

[BeerXML] BeerXML Homepage; http://www.beerxml.com/beerxml.htm; Zugriff im April 2015.

[Belady 1966] Belady, Laszlo: A study of replacement algorithms for virtual storage computers. IBM Systems Journal V (2), 1966, ...

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