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API Integrations: Maps and Gears

Video Description

After toying around with GWT you'll hopefully realize "Hey, I can make really cool Ajax applications without needing a bottle of analgesics by my side!" A few weeks later you make the slickest Ajax web application out there where users can shop for alternative medicines, your No. 1 prescription for headaches being "use GWT." You start thinking, "Hmm, wouldn't it be great if users could browse prescriptions even while offline using Gears, and even look up shops around their area in Google Maps! If only I could integrate these Google APIs into my GWT code..." Lucky for you, Christmas came early! Check out how easy it is to integrate Maps and Gears into GWT applications thanks to the Google API Libraries for GWT!

Table of Contents

  1. API Integrations: Maps and Gears 00:43:15