Cruise Control

How to Automate and Monitor Your Business

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

—Henry David Thoreau

Bang! Crack! Boom!

The sounds echoed off the lake like cannons shooting from old pirate ships.

“Light it!”


I heard the laughter through the volley of shots piercing the night sky. Sprinting off the dock like a mad man, I made it to where everyone was standing, and dropped down to catch my breath.

I looked up to take in the moment. The professional fireworks I had lined up looked exactly like the ones you usually see in major cities on special occasions. Every extravagant burst sporadically illuminated my 80-year-old grandparents who were watching in awe. Turning right, I saw Matty J., my old high school buddy, and the rest of my family members, smiling from ear to ear, eyes glued to the sky.

Every year since I was 18, I would imagine renting a lakefront camp during the summer and inviting all my friends and family. Year after year, my dream was put on hold because of a lack of funds and time and because of my own doubts. I would get lost in a pile of papers and mindless work thinking no other way existed. Typically, my Fourth of July and holidays were spent working and missing out on the excitement around me that I pretended not to notice.

This year was different. While coming down the mountain from heli-skiing in Whistler, Canada, ...

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