Chapter 8. Presidents Quiz

Figure 8-0.
Presidents Quiz

The Presidents Quiz is a trivia game about former leaders of the United States. Though this quiz is about presidents, you can use it as a template to build quizzes or study guides on any topic.

In the previous chapters, you’ve been introduced to some fundamental programming concepts. Now, you’re ready for something more challenging. You’ll find that this chapter requires a conceptual leap in terms of programming skills and abstract thinking. In particular, you’ll use two list variables to store the data—in this case, the quiz questions and answers—and you’ll use an index variable to track where the user is in the quiz. When you finish, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to create quiz apps and many other apps that require list processing.

This chapter assumes that you’re familiar with the basics of App Inventor: using the Component Designer to build the user interface, and using the Blocks Editor to specify event handlers and program the component behavior. If you are not familiar with these fundamentals, be sure to review the previous chapters before continuing.

You’ll design the quiz so that the user proceeds from question to question by clicking a Next button and receives feedback about the answers.

The Presidents Quiz running in the emulator
Figure 8-1. The Presidents Quiz in action ...

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