Apple Pro Training Series: iPhoto

Book description

With Apple Training Series: iPhoto—the only Apple-certified guide to iPhoto—you will be seamlessly organizing and editing your photos in no time! Using real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own images, this book/media combo offers a complete, self-paced course in all aspects of iPhoto. Focused lessons take you step-by-step through:

  • Setting up your library

  • Arranging photos by faces and places

  • Quick fixes and effects

  • Designing a photo book

  • Creating a slideshow

  • Sharing photos

  • and more!

  • Whether working with Mac OS or iOS, readers will master iPhoto tools quickly through fun, real-world image projects, and share their shots through social media and iCloud.

    This self-paced learning tool pairs an easy, accessible style with ample illustrations and keyboard shortcuts to guarantee that readers become proficient with iPhoto in no time.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. Getting Started
      1. What iPhoto Does for You
      2. The Methodology
      3. A Word About the Lesson Contents
      4. System Requirements
      5. Copying the iPhoto Lesson Files
      6. Resources
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. iPhoto for Mac OS
      1. Lesson 1. Setting Up Your Library
        1. Understanding the iPhoto Library
        2. Downloading an iPhoto Library
        3. Navigating the iPhoto Window
        4. Switching Between Your Library and Ours
        5. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 2. Importing and Viewing Photos
        1. Importing Photos from a Camera
        2. Viewing Photos in an Event
        3. Deleting a Photo
        4. Emailing Your Photos
        5. Lesson Review
      3. Lesson 3. Rating and Finding Photos
        1. Sorting Photos
        2. Rating Photos
        3. Flagging Photos
        4. Comparing Photos
        5. Assigning Keywords to Photos
        6. Searching Your iPhoto Library
        7. Working with Albums
        8. Transferring Photos to Mobile Devices
        9. Lesson Review
      4. Lesson 4. Arranging Photos by Faces and Places
        1. Finding People in Your Photos
        2. Finding Places
        3. Posting to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter
        4. Lesson Review
      5. Lesson 5. Quick Fixes and Effects
        1. Understanding Nondestructive Editing
        2. Enhancing Photos with One Click
        3. Using Effects
        4. Lesson Review
      6. Lesson 6. Perfecting Your Pictures
        1. Understanding a Histogram
        2. Correcting Exposure
        3. Adding Contrast
        4. Modify Levels
        5. Increasing Color Saturation
        6. Applying Definition
        7. Improving Highlight Detail
        8. Improving Shadow Detail
        9. Applying Sharpening and Noise Reduction
        10. Improving White Balance
        11. Lesson Review
      7. Lesson 7. Creating a Keepsake Book
        1. Creating a Book Layout
        2. Editing Photos and Text
        3. Ordering Books
        4. Lesson Review
      8. Lesson 8. Making Photos Move with Slideshows
        1. Using Slideshow Presets and Albums
        2. Changing Settings and Options
        3. Adding Video to a Slideshow
        4. Setting the Aspect Ratio
        5. Sharing Your Slideshow
        6. Lesson Review
      9. Lesson 9. Managing Photos and Libraries
        1. Understanding Photo Formats
        2. Organizing Your Events
        3. Backing Up Your Photos
        4. Lesson Review
      10. Lesson 10. Sharing Photos with iCloud
        1. What Is iCloud?
        2. Getting Started with iCloud
        3. Adding and Removing Photos from My Photo Stream
        4. Manually Importing Photo Stream Photos
        5. Setting Up iCloud Photo Sharing
        6. Creating a Shared Photo Stream
        7. Deleting an Entire Stream
        8. Adding and Removing Items from a Shared Photo Stream
        9. Commenting on a Shared Photo
        10. Lesson Review
    9. iPhoto for iOS
      1. Lesson 11. Learning the Fundamentals of iPhoto for iOS
        1. Understanding iPhoto on iOS
        2. Adding Photos to iPhoto
        3. Viewing and Deleting Photos
        4. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 12. Tagging and Fixing Photos
        1. Organizing Photos into Albums
        2. Comparing Multiple Photos
        3. Filtering the Thumbnail Grid
        4. Using Effects, Fixes, and Enhancements
        5. Enhance a Photo with Brushes
        6. Repair a Photo with a Brush
        7. Lesson Review
      3. Lesson 13. Creating Projects
        1. Sharing to Social Networks
        2. Making a Slideshow
        3. Posting a Web Journal
        4. Print a Photo Book
        5. Deleting Projects
        6. Lesson Review
      4. Lesson 14. Sharing Photos with iCloud on iOS
        1. What Is iCloud?
        2. Getting Started with iCloud
        3. Remove Photos from My Photo Stream
        4. Saving Photos to the Camera Roll
        5. Setting Up iCloud Photo Sharing
        6. Creating a Shared Photo Stream
        7. Add Photos to a Shared Stream
        8. Deleting a Stream
        9. Adding and Removing Items from a Shared Photo Stream
        10. Commenting on a Shared Photo
        11. Lesson Review
    10. Index
    11. Where are the Lesson Files?

    Product information

    • Title: Apple Pro Training Series: iPhoto
    • Author(s): Dion Scoppettuolo
    • Release date: June 2014
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780133901115