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Apple Pro Training Series: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Book Description

In the only Apple-certified book on the Apple productivity apps, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, readers will learn the how and why of creating and publishing first-rate documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Working through this guide on progressively more complex, real-world projects, readers will use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to produce sophisticated and robust results. This guide provides coverage of the latest features in the Apple productivity apps:

  • All new guide covers the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote productivity apps for Mac and iOS

  • Self-paced course-in-a-book with accompanying lesson files focuses on practical, real-world projects building in complexity throughout the guide.

  • The official curriculum of Apple Training iWork course used in Apple Authorized Training centers worldwide.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Table of Contents
    7. Exploring Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
      1. Lesson 1. Getting Started
        1. Learning Methodology
        2. Understanding Course Structure
        3. System Requirements
        4. Downloading and Installing Lesson Files
        5. About Apple Training and Certification
        6. Additional Resources
      2. Lesson 2. Discovering Common Features
        1. Before You Start
        2. Opening Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
        3. Swapping Between Open Applications
        4. Choosing Themes
        5. Editing Text in Pages
        6. Customizing Your Workspace
        7. Repeating Image Styles
        8. Saving a Document
        9. Distributing Your Work
        10. Working with Tables
        11. Illustrating Data Using Charts
        12. Adding Comments
        13. Adding Photos
        14. Adjusting Layouts
        15. Trimming a Movie Clip
        16. Securing Your Files
        17. Lesson Review
    8. Publishing With Pages
      1. Lesson 3. Approaches to Word Processing
        1. Creating a New Document Using a Template
        2. Customizing Page Design
        3. Creating and Applying Styles
        4. Saving Styles for Bullets and Lists
        5. Making a Table of Contents
        6. Managing Headers and Footers
        7. Changing the Page Order
        8. Keeping Headers with the Following Paragraph
        9. Saving to Word and PDF Formats
        10. Opening and Editing a Word Document
        11. Tabulating Text
        12. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 4. Working with Charts and Data
        1. Opening a Pages ’09 Document
        2. Using a Table to Add Data
        3. Formatting Tables
        4. Creating List Structures
        5. Presenting Data Using Charts
        6. Creating Chart Styles
        7. Using Footnotes and Endnotes
        8. Checking a Document for Errors
        9. Lesson Review
      3. Lesson 5. Designing a Brochure
        1. Changing to Page Layout
        2. Making a Logotype
        3. Changing Page Order
        4. Enhancing Images
        5. Creating Shape Styles
        6. Formatting Table Styles
        7. Preparing for Print
        8. Taking Part in a Document Review
        9. Lesson Review
      4. Lesson 6. Building Promotional Materials
        1. Creating Business Cards
        2. Making Posters
        3. Starting with a Blank Canvas
        4. Defining Placeholder Images
        5. Defining Placeholder Text
        6. Saving Designs as Templates
        7. Lesson Review
      5. Lesson 7. Creating Rich Media ePubs
        1. Preparing a Document for ePub
        2. Working with Inline Graphics
        3. Creating Character Styles
        4. Adding Movies to Pages
        5. Adding Audio to Pages
        6. Exporting to ePub
        7. Previewing in iBooks
        8. Lesson Review
    9. Organizing and Illustrating Data Using Numbers
      1. Lesson 8. Organizing Data Using Numbers
        1. Assessing Templates
        2. Working with Sheets
        3. Making a Budget Sheet
        4. Adding Calculations
        5. Working with Multiple Tables
        6. Printing from Numbers
        7. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 9. Making Interactive Spreadsheets
        1. Opening and Upgrading a Numbers 09 Document
        2. Opening and Editing an Excel Workbook
        3. Formatting Tables
        4. Referencing Data
        5. Evaluating Data Formats
        6. Adding Conditional Highlighting
        7. Using Password Protection
        8. Lesson Review
      3. Lesson 10. Making Customized Calculators
        1. Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell Referencing
        2. Concatenating Cells
        3. Sorting Tables
        4. Filtering Tables
        5. Making a Pricing Calculator
        6. Lesson Review
      4. Lesson 11. Illustrating Data Using Charts
        1. Opening a CSV File
        2. Creating a Stacked Bar Chart
        3. Making a Mixed Chart
        4. Using Interactive Chart Types
        5. Showing a Margin of Error
        6. Building a Scatter Chart
        7. Saving a Template
        8. Lesson Review
    10. Make Compelling Presentations with Keynote
      1. Lesson 12. Outlining a Presentation
        1. Creating a Presentation
        2. Customizing Your Workspace
        3. Adding Slides
        4. Opening a PowerPoint Presentation in Keynote
        5. Reordering and Deleting Slides
        6. Working in Outline View
        7. Adding Slide Transitions
        8. Using Builds
        9. Applying Themes
        10. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 13. Making Media-Rich Presentations
        1. Making a Slide Background
        2. Updating a Paragraph Style
        3. Creating New Slides by Dragging Files
        4. Reordering Slides Using the Light Table
        5. Using Transitions to Create Moods
        6. Adding an Audio Soundtrack
        7. Controlling a Presentation with Builds
        8. Layering Objects with Master Slides
        9. Building Animations Using Actions
        10. Lesson Review
      3. Lesson 14. Developing a Custom Theme
        1. Selecting Master Slides
        2. Updating Paragraph Styles
        3. Modifying Image Placeholders
        4. Placing Objects on Master Slides
        5. Saving Themes
        6. Lesson Review
      4. Lesson 15. Rehearsing and Delivering a Presentation
        1. Playing a Slideshow
        2. Rehearsing a Slideshow
        3. Using an iOS Device as a Remote Control
        4. Recording a Narrated, Self-Playing Presentation
        5. Creating a Self-Playing Slideshow
        6. Designing a Presentation with Links
        7. Making Keynote Handouts
        8. Performing Presentation Preflight Checks
        9. Lesson Review
    11. Working with iPad, Mac, and iCloud Apps
      1. Lesson 16. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS
        1. Signing In to iCloud
        2. Managing Pages Documents in iOS
        3. Formatting Documents
        4. Working with Tables
        5. Using Keynote for iOS
        6. Adding Photos and Video
        7. Setting a Document Password
        8. Lesson Review
      2. Lesson 17. Moving Between iOS, iCloud, and OS X
        1. Opening an iOS Document on Your Mac
        2. Moving a Mac Document to iCloud Drive
        3. Editing in Pages Without an Apple Device
        4. Using Numbers Forms on iOS
        5. Tidying Up
        6. Lesson Review
    12. Index
    13. Differentiate yourself. Get Apple certified.
    14. Where are the Lesson Files?