Chapter 5. Working with Themes, Graphics, and Hyperlinks

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson 05 > 05Desert Starter.key


Lessons > Lesson 05 > 05Desert Theme Design.key


Lessons > Lesson 05 > 05Arizona Wildlife Final.key


Lessons > Lesson 05 > iMovie Project > Desert_Start.iMovieProject


Lessons > Lesson 05 > Graphics


This lesson takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


Create a custom theme and background


Create a photo cutout with Adobe Photoshop and Keynote


Save and share templates


Mask an image with a custom shape


Embed Web pages in a presentation


Add hyperlinks as navigation controls to a kiosk presentation


Export a presentation to CD-ROM

While Keynote ships with several excellent templates, you may nevertheless find yourself wanting to customize ...

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