Apple Training Series: Pages for iPad

Video description

In this Apple-certified guide to Pages for iPad, master trainer Rich Harrington takes you on a comprehensive tour. You’ll learn everything from customizing existing templates by adding your own graphics, charts, and styles to creating documents from scratch. Featuring over 40 videos, each one is dedicated to a specific task in Pages. So it's easy to find exactly the information you want whether it's help with the basics, like touchscreen controls, or more advanced tasks like inserting graphics with wraparound text. You'll learn all you need to know to create dynamic personal and professional projects.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1: Managing Documents
    1. Creating a New Document
    2. Document Setup
    3. Page Numbers and Other Headers and Footers
    4. Duplicating, Renaming, and Deleting Files
  2. Chapter 2: Transferring Files from Your Computer
    1. Transferring a Document from Your Computer with iTunes
    2. Transferring a Document from Your Computer with Email
    3. Transferring a Document with
    4. Syncing Photo Albums
  3. Chapter 3: Essential Controls
    1. Getting Familiar with Touchscreen Controls
    2. Using Toolbar Controls
    3. Reading a Document
    4. Undo and Redo
  4. Chapter 4: Working with Text
    1. Replacing Text Placeholders
    2. Adding a Text Block to a Document
    3. Selecting Text
    4. Formatting and Aligning Text
    5. Copying and Pasting Text
    6. Using Paragraph and Text Styles
    7. Using Margins and Tabs
    8. Working with Columns
    9. Using Line, Page, and Column Breaks
    10. Checking Spelling
    11. Finding and Replacing Text
    12. Formatting Lists
    13. Using an External Keyboard
  5. Chapter 5: Adding Photos and Shapes
    1. Replacing Image Placeholders
    2. Adding a Photo
    3. Cropping a Photo
    4. Adding a Shape
    5. Arranging Photos and Shapes
    6. Grouping Objects
    7. Stylizing Images or Shapes
    8. Wrapping Text Around an Object
    9. Adding a Watermark Image
  6. Chapter 6: Creating Tables and Charts
    1. Adding a Table
    2. Customizing a Table’s Appearance
    3. Resizing Columns and Rows in a Table
    4. Adjusting Table Cells
    5. Adding a Chart
    6. Entering Data for a Chart
    7. Customizing a Chart’s Appearance
  7. Chapter 7: Exporting a Document
    1. Choosing Export Formats
    2. Sending a Document by Email
    3. Syncing Files with Your Computer
    4. Sharing Documents with
    5. Copying to iDisk
    6. Printing Your Document

Product information

  • Title: Apple Training Series: Pages for iPad
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2010
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780132615181