Lesson 11. Taking Apart an iMac (24-inch)

Reference Files

iMac (24-inch) Service Source manual (imac_24in.pdf)

iMac (Late 2006) - Technical Specifications (iMac_Late 2006_Tech_Specs.pdf)


This lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


Become familiar with the removal of an LCD panel from an iMac (24-inch)

Identify general system components

In the previous lesson, you learned how to install memory in an iMac (24-inch). Now we will dig even deeper into the iMac to remove a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. This panel, including backlights and inverter, are responsible for displaying the video signal coming from the system.


The iMac (24-inch) Service Source manual refers to the monitor as an LCD Display Panel. For the ...

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