6 Change the Image Name to My Install.
7 Change the Description to This is the network install image created for lesson 9.
8 Click Create.
9 Agree to the software license agreement.
10 When prompted where to save the image, select your Desktop and click Save.
Creating an image can take from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the size of
the source image and the speed of the computer you’re creating the image on. In the
meantime, we’ll continue by configuring your server.
Specifying a Default Image and Protocol
The NetBoot service is configured in Server Admin. Within Server Admin, the Images
pane lists the available NetBoot images on the server, which can host up to 25 different disk
images. Each image can be enabled, allowing client computers to use the image to boot, or
each image can be disabled, preventing client computers from accessing the image. While
414 Implementing Deployment Solutions

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