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Managing the DNS Service (
Albitz, Paul, and Liu, Cricket. DNS and BIND (O’Reilly, 2001).
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Review Quiz
1. What are the global and local aspects of DNS architecture?
2. What is an alias record?
3. What are three types of records that can be added using Server Admin to Mac OS X
Server’s DNS zone files?
4. What are three possible steps you can take when investigating a DNS problem?
1. DNS is a distributed system. It is local in that each separate domain is responsible for
its own configuration, so that domain configuration files are located on multiple DNS
servers across the Internet. It is global in that all the separate domains are integrated
into one unified system in which queries are handled by the responsible name server
and all clients can obtain correct name resolution from anywhere on the Internet.
2. Canonical name (CNAME): Stores the “real name of a server when given a nick-
name or alias. For example, might have a canonical name of A CNAME record is created for each entry in the Alias
field when adding a machine to a zone.
3. Alias (CNAME), machine (A), and service (SRV) records.
4. You can:
a. Verify network settings.
b. Use Network Utility to test for forward and reverse lookups.
c. Use Network Utility to ping the DNS server.
Use Network Utility to test for basic IP connectivity by pinging another device on
the subnet.
Review Quiz 107
Lesson Files Server Essentials > Lesson_03 > 01employees
Time This lesson takes approximately 3 hours to complete.
Goals Configure Mac OS X Server to control access to an account
Configure Mac OS X Server to control access to files and
folders based on user and group accounts
Define authentication and authorization as they are used in
Mac OS X Server
Use Server Admin to configure share points and permissions
Use Workgroup Manager to create local user accounts
and groups
Use Server Admin and Workgroup Manager to create
Understand and implement file system and service ACLs in
Mac OS X Server

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