Set Up Service ACLs
Next, review who has access to connect to each of your file-sharing services. This access is
controlled through the use of Service ACLs, which was described in more detail in Lesson 3.
Service ACLs will require explicit permission to connect to your file server. Each user, or a
group the user belongs to, will need to be registered as being allowed to use a given service.
You can set up Service ACLs using these steps:
1 In Server Admin, select your server name in the left column.
2 Click the Settings button in the toolbar.
3 Click the Access tab.
4 Select the services you wish to restrict.
5 Determine which users and/or groups should have access to that service.
6 Click Save.
Once complete, review the file system permissions on the folders that are your share points.
The permissions of the folders that are your share points will control what share points are
listed on the client when they connect to your server. In many cases, you should also review
the permissions of the enclosed folders because a larger group will often have access to the
share point than will have access to all of its subfolders.
Troubleshooting File Services
Whether AFP, SMB, NFS, or FTP, troubleshooting file services on Mac OS X Server typi-
cally involves the following considerations:
User access: What users or groups should have access to the specific files and folders
on the server, and are their appropriate permissions set correctly?
Platform and protocol access: From what clients are users trying to access the server,
such as Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows, or Linux systems? What protocols are they
using when accessing the server?
Special needs: Are there any special circumstances, such as users needing concurrent
access to files or access to files in a nonnative format to the system they are using?
Troubleshooting File Services 303

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