Comparing File Sharing
Now that you have learned how WebDAV can be implemented, you should understand
the basic differences and uses of the other file-sharing protocols with respect to WebDAV.
Table 7.1 File-sharing comparison
Native Mac OS X Windows Multiple UNIX Multiple
Security Kerberos or Kerberos or Kerberos or Kerberos Kerberos,
standard NTLMv2 clear text or none digest, or basic
Browsable Yes Yes No Yes No
Example afp://server17. smb://server17. ftp://server17. nfs://server17. http://server17.
URL pretendco. pretendco. pretendco. pretendco. pretendco.
com com com com com
What You’ve Learned
Mac OS X Server’s web service is based on Apache, as is Mac OS X’s web service.
Apache uses modules to extend its functionality.
Permissions on website folders are crucial to visitors gaining access to portions of
the site.
Realms can be used to restrict areas of a site to certain users or groups.
Mac OS X Server can host multiple websites over a single IP address.
Server Admin is used to manage both the Web Service and folder permissions.
You can graph the throughput and number of requests for your websites.
The following documents provide more information about installing Mac OS X Server.
(All of these and more are available at
370 Managing Web Services

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