Chapter 3. Make a Case: Persuasive Presentations


Make a persuasive case that clearly states a position and reinforces it for the audience with multiple relevant points.


Develop the argument and corresponding script to effectively communicate the group’s position on a chosen topic.


Capture footage or photos as a group that can visually strengthen the argument.


Edit the elements together to create a television commercial or public service announcement.


Publish the commercial to a DVD for playback.


Recommended hardware and software:

  • Macintosh computers

  • Digital video or photo cameras

  • Numbers (part of iWork ’08)

  • Pages (part of iWork ’08)

  • iMovie (part of iLife ’08)

  • GarageBand (part of iLife ’08)

  • iDVD (part of iLife ’08)

  • DVD player or computer ...

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