Chapter 2. Adding Media to Your Presentation

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson 02 > 02Presentation1_Stage1.key

Lessons > Lesson 02 > GarageBand > San Francisco Music

Lessons > Lesson 02 > iMovie Footage > SF Media, SF Tourism.m4v

Lessons > Lesson 02 > iPhoto Images


This lesson takes approximately 120 minutes to complete.


Understand supported media types

Create an album in iPhoto

Optimize images with iPhoto and Keynote

Export a GarageBand song to an AAC file

Edit a short video with iMovie

Export a video file and optimize for playback in Keynote

Add photos, audio, and video from the Media Browser to slides

Although text is often the most important part of a presentation, it is the supporting media that can truly make a presentation special. ...

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