Chapter 7. Word Processing

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson 07 > 07 Letter Copy.rtf

Lessons > Lesson 07 > 07 Cover Letter_Stage 1.pages

Lessons > Lesson 07 > Steven Ironsides.vcf

Lessons > Lesson 07 > 07 Envelope_Final.pages

Lessons > Lesson 07 > 07 Table of Contents_Stage 1.pages


This lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.


Add and format text in a word processing document

Use styles to format text and lists and add graphics to a document

Use headers and footers

Proofread a document and use change tracking

Use research and reference tools

Create an envelope and merge addresses

Add a table of contents to a document

Pages, together with Keynote and Numbers, make up the iWork suite. The three programs are companions, and they share ...

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