Chapter 5. Assembling a Simple Movie

Lesson Files

iLife08_Book_Files > Lessons > Lesson05 > Start_project_5

iLife08_Book_Files > Lessons > Lesson05 > Finished_project_5


This lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


Create a new iMovie project

Import movie files into Events, and organize Events in the Event Library

Understand the video skimming and selection tools

Assemble, trim, and reorder clips in your project

Learn how to add transitions to your movie

Learn how to crop footage to get the best framing

Learn how to add music to your background for a quick finish

Do it all in 30 minutes or less

So far, you’ve imported, organized, edited, and published photos. It’s time now to make the leap to video. Thanks to iMovie ’08’s new approach ...

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