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Apple Training Series: iWork ’09

Book Description

In the only Apple-certified guide to iWork ’09, you’ll learn to create everything from first-rate business presentations and newsletters to effective budgets and event planners. Focused lessons take you step by step through all aspects of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. The self-paced book/DVD combo uses real-life material and practical lessons that you can apply immediately to your own projects. You’ll learn to:

• Master the iWork suite of tools quickly through fun, real-world projects
• Design a Keynote presentation from storyboard to Web export 
• Add animated charts and custom backgrounds to a presentation with ease
• Publish great-looking newsletters and brochures in print and on the Web
• Build a professional marketing package from scratch
• Create expense reports, track budgets, and plan special events
• Sort, organize, and chart data using sophisticated spreadsheet calculations

The Apple Training Series is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification Program. To find out more about Apple Training, or to find an Authorized Training Center near you, go to www.apple.com/training.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
    1. The Methodology
      1. Course Structure
      2. System Requirements
    2. Copying the Lesson Files
      1. Installing the iWork Lesson Files
    3. About Apple Training and Certification
    4. Resources
  3. Keynote: Making Great Presentations
    1. 1. Creating a Presentation
      1. Before You Start
      2. Opening Keynote
      3. Choosing a Theme and Slide Size
      4. Selecting a Master Slide
      5. Outlining a Presentation
        1. Creating the First Slide
        2. Adding More Slides
      6. Pasting Text into an Outline
      7. Formatting Text
        1. About the Format Bar
        2. About the Inspector Window
        3. Making Text Bold
        4. Shrinking Text
        5. Enlarging Text to Improve Readability
      8. Customizing a Slide Layout
        1. Adding a Shape for Text
        2. Placing Text Inside a Shape
        3. Stylizing a Shape with the Format Bar
      9. Adding a Table
        1. Filling the Header Row and Header Column
        2. Filling and Formatting Table Cells
      10. Calculating the Value of Table Cells
      11. Fixing Spelling Errors
      12. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 2. Adding Photos, Charts, and Sound
      1. Adding Photos
        1. Adding Images from iPhoto
        2. Adding Photos to Slides
      2. Enhancing Photos in Keynote
        1. Straightening a Photo
      3. Customizing Photo Layouts
      4. Making Part of a Photo Transparent
      5. Adding Hyperlinks and Navigation
        1. Adding a Menu
        2. Embedding a Webpage
      6. Adding a Chart
      7. Adding Audio
      8. Adding a Global Transition
      9. Reducing the Presentation File Size
      10. Saving Media with Your Presentation
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 3. Adding Video and Animation
      1. Creating Builds to Reveal Text
      2. Creating a Build to Reveal a Table
      3. Creating Interleaved Builds
      4. Revealing Graphics and Charts
      5. Creating a Smart Build
      6. Creating Custom Animations
      7. Adding Sound to a Build
      8. Creating Transitions Between Slides
      9. Creating 2D and 3D Transitions
      10. Creating Object Effects Transitions
      11. Using Text Effects Transitions
      12. Using Magic Move
      13. Using Video in a Slideshow
        1. Adding Video to a Slide
        2. Choosing QuickTime Settings
      14. Configuring Preferences for Smooth Playback
        1. Freeing Up RAM
        2. Scaling Up Slides
        3. Changing the Pointer Behavior
        4. Turning Off Exposé and Dashboard
      15. Running Your Presentation
      16. Pausing and Resuming a Slideshow
      17. Troubleshooting Your Presentation
      18. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 4. Creating a Custom Theme
      1. Creating an Empty Theme
      2. Creating a Title Slide
      3. Creating a Photo Master
        1. Formatting Text
      4. Saving and Sharing Themes
        1. Backing Up a Theme
      5. Applying a Custom Theme
      6. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    5. 5. Importing from PowerPoint and Working with Charts
      1. Importing a PowerPoint Presentation
        1. Resizing a Document
      2. Animating a Title Slide
        1. Adding Multiple Builds
        2. Setting Simultaneous Builds
      3. Cleaning Up a Chart
        1. Updating Data
        2. Formatting Labels and Legends
      4. Enhancing a Chart
        1. Creating a 3D Line Chart
        2. Showing Gridlines
        3. Changing Chart Colors
      5. Animating a Chart
      6. Improving Title Text
      7. Animating a Table
      8. Animating a Column Chart
      9. Animating a Pie Chart
        1. Creating a 3D Pie Chart
        2. Adding Chart Colors
        3. Animating Individual Wedges
      10. Changing a Chart Style
        1. Cleaning Up a Restyled Chart
      11. Animating a 3D Area Chart
      12. Adding Content from a Word Document
      13. Saving a PowerPoint or PDF File
        1. Saving a PowerPoint File
        2. Sending a PDF or PowerPoint File with Mail
      14. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    6. 6. Rehearsing and Delivering Your Presentation
      1. Reviewing a Presentation with Light Table View
      2. Adding Comments to a Presentation
      3. Adding Presenter Notes
      4. Printing Presenter Notes
      5. Indexing Your Presentation with Spotlight
      6. Rehearsing Your Presentation
      7. Giving Your Presentation with a Portable Computer
        1. Connecting a Portable Computer to a Projector
        2. Pause, Skip, Resume
      8. Using an iPhone or iPod as a Remote Control
        1. Pairing Keynote Remote with Your Mac
        2. Creating a Network
        3. Using Keynote Remote
      9. Creating a Self-Running Slideshow
      10. Running a Presentation as a Kiosk
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    7. 7. Publishing Your Presentation
      1. Printing Handouts
      2. Exporting to PDF
      3. Exporting to PowerPoint
      4. Exporting Images
      5. Making a Movie: Exporting to QuickTime
      6. Exporting to iPod
      7. Exporting to HTML
      8. Sending to iWeb
      9. Sending to YouTube
      10. Sharing a Presentation with iWork.com
      11. Sharing a Presentation with iChat Theater
      12. Making a DVD: Exporting to iDVD
        1. Creating a DVD Menu
      13. Bonus Exercise: Exporting a Presentation for Editing in Final Cut Pro
      14. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  4. Pages: Publishing Made Easy
    1. 8. Word Processing
      1. Opening Pages
      2. Choosing a Template
      3. Writing in Full-Screen Mode
      4. Replacing Placeholder Text
      5. Formatting Text and Lists Using Styles
      6. Adding Graphics
      7. Proofreading a Document
      8. Creating Addressed Envelopes
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 9. Building a Report
      1. Opening an Existing File
      2. Tracking Changes
      3. Using Comments
      4. Inserting a Cover Page
      5. Managing Section Breaks
      6. Adjusting Margins
      7. Starting Chapters on Right-Facing Pages
      8. Adding a Footer to Your Document
      9. Formatting Text and Lists Using Styles
      10. Updating a Paragraph Style
      11. Using Character Styles
      12. Formatting a List Using List Styles
      13. Adding a Table of Contents
      14. Sharing a Document on iWork.com
      15. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 10. Creating a Newsletter
      1. Choosing a Newsletter Template
      2. Working with a Template
      3. Formatting the Title
      4. Building the First Page
        1. Adding Text
        2. Adding a Chart
        3. Editing Image Placeholders
      5. Laying Out More Pages
      6. Inserting a Page into a Layout
      7. Completing the Layout
        1. Replacing Photos
        2. Adjusting Text Size
        3. Formatting the Address Field
      8. Exporting to PDF
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 11. Creating Promotional Materials
      1. Customizing the Media Browser
      2. Creating a Brochure
      3. Modifying Masked Images
      4. Adjusting Text to Fit a Layout
      5. Group and Edit an Object
      6. Connecting Text Boxes
      7. Format a Hyperlink
      8. Creating a Flyer
        1. Wrap Text Around an Object
        2. Using a Connection Line
        3. Updating Placeholder Text
      9. Adding Sound to a Pages Document
      10. Saving a Flyer as a Template
      11. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    5. 12. Creating Materials for the Classroom
      1. Designing a Poster
      2. Choosing a Poster Template
      3. Customizing Text
      4. Customizing a Layout
      5. Adding Photos to Your iPhoto Library
      6. Fixing Overexposed Images
      7. Fixing Underexposed Images
        1. Quickly Improving Multiple Images
      8. Adding Photos to Your Layout
      9. Distributing a Poster via Email
      10. Designing a Certificate
        1. Customizing a Design
      11. Adjusting and Replacing Placeholder Text
      12. Customizing Certificates Using Mail Merge
      13. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  5. Numbers: Working with Spreadsheets
    1. 13. Spreadsheet Essentials
      1. Opening Numbers
      2. Choosing a Template
      3. Working with Sheets
      4. Working with Tables
      5. Importing Spreadsheet Data
      6. Formatting a Table
        1. Using Header Rows and Columns
        2. Formatting Cells
      7. Using Table Styles
      8. Using Formulas and Functions
      9. Adding Media
      10. Printing Your Spreadsheet
      11. Exporting Your Spreadsheet
        1. Sharing a PDF File
        2. Emailing an Excel File
        3. Sharing a Document with iWork.com
      12. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    2. 14. Creating an Event Planner
      1. Choosing a Template
      2. Adding Media to a Spreadsheet
        1. Adding Images
        2. Adjusting an Image
        3. Adjusting Framing of Objects
      3. Using Address Book Cards
      4. Editing Data in a Table
      5. Sorting Data in a Table
      6. Using Checkboxes, Steppers, and Sliders
      7. Modifying and Saving Table Styles
      8. Publishing with iWeb
      9. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    3. 15. Advanced Spreadsheets
      1. Organizing Information Using Table Categories
        1. Freezing a Header Row
        2. Organizing Data Using Categories
        3. Filtering Data
      2. Formatting a Time Report
      3. Performing Calculations with Variables
      4. Referencing Data
      5. Formatting Displayed Data
      6. Using Advanced Formulas with Functions
      7. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
    4. 16. Advanced Charting
      1. Creating a Stacked 3D Bar Chart
        1. Formatting a 3D Bar Chart
      2. Displaying a Margin of Error
      3. Building a Mixed Chart
      4. Comparing Data in a 2-Axis Chart
      5. Making a Scatter Chart
      6. The Road Ahead
      7. Lesson Review
        1. Answers
  6. Apple Certification Fuel your Mind. Reach your Potential
    1. How to Earn Apple Certified Associate Certification
  7. The Apple Pro Training Series
    1. The Apple Training Series