Chapter 11. Creating Promotional Materials

Lesson Files

Lessons > Lesson_11 > 11Catering_Menu Start.pages.

Lessons > Lesson_11 > New Menu Items.pages

Lessons > Lesson_11 > 11Band_Flyer Start.pages

Lessons > Lesson_11 > Food Shots

Lessons > Lesson_11 > The Nadas


This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.


Add assets to the Media Browser

Modify masked images

Group and edit objects

Format hyperlinks

Link text boxes

Wrap text around an object

Add connection lines between two objects

Add sound files to a Pages document

Save a flyer as a template

One of the major benefits of Pages is its design flexibility. Supporting a wide range of graphic formats and Apple-designed templates, Pages makes it easy to create and customize media-rich ...

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