Apple Training Series
iLife ’09
Michael E. Cohen / Michael Wohl
Richard Harrington / Mary Plummer
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Apple Training Series: iLife ’09
Michael E. Cohen, Michael Wohl, Richard Harrington, Mary Plummer
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Bhutan and Vietnam photos and footage © 2009 Dion Scoppettuolo. All rights reserved.
Christmas Morning footage © 2009 Jem Schofield, Buttons Productions. All rights reserved.
Croatia and St. Martin photos © 2009 Richard Harrington. All rights reserved.
Katie Pumpkin Patch images © 2009 Mary Plummer and Klark Perez. All rights reserved.
Lesson 1 photography tutorial photos © 2009 Michael E. Cohen. All rights reserved.
MommyCast © 2009 KDCP Productions. All rights reserved.
Soccer and Rope Swing images © 2009 Paula Duley. All rights reserved.
Superhero greenscreen footage © 2009 Evolver LLC. All rights reserved.
The Christmas morning song used in this book was composed and performed by Mary Plummer. This piece is based on the original song
“Prince of Light” by Mary Plummer © 2008. All rights reserved.
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ISBN 10: 0-321-61850-5
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