Lesson Review 299
Lesson Review
1. Where are still photos from iPhoto available in iMovie?
2. How do you apply video effects like Aged Film or Vignette?
3. If you play a five-second clip at 50% speed (slow motion), how long
will the clip be?
4. True or false: Once you apply automatic transitions, you can’t add or
modify any transitions in the project.
5. Does the Auto button in the Video Adjustments inspector fix white-
balance errors?
6. True or false: Video stabilization can stabilize any footage, no matter
how shaky.
7. What do the red squiggly lines indicate?
8. True or False: The green-screen function will work on shots with a blue
9. True or false: The green background must cover the entire background.
10. Does wearing tights and a cape automatically make you a superhero?
1. In the Photos Browser.
2. In the Clip Adjustments inspector, click the Video Effects button.
3. Ten seconds.
4. False. But making any changes requires turning off automatic transitions.
5. No. It improves contrast.
6. False.
7. Areas of excessive shakiness that iMovie can’t stabilize.
8. False. The background must be green.
9. False. You can crop out areas that are not green.
10. No, but with iMovie and a little ingenuity, you can sure look like one.
Lesson Files After installation:
~/Movies/iMovie Projects/ATS-Bhutan - (Lesson 10)
~/Movies/iMovie Projects/ATS-Christmas Morning - (Lesson 10)
Time This lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
Goals Normalize clip volumes to ensure consistency
Perform an Audio Only edit
Add music and sound effects to your project
Adjust audio levels and audio fades
Record and adjust a voiceover track
Understand ducking to control other audio clips

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