50 Importing and Organizing Your Photos
6 In the search list, click the Add (+) button to the right of the island’s
name, and then click Assign to Event.
The Add button beside the name in the search list adds that place to your
list of custom places.
7 Click Done.
Now that you’ve assigned the right location, you can change its spelling to
the English equivalent.
8 Choose Window > Manage My Places.
9 In the Edit My Places dialog, in the list on the left, click Sint Maarten.
The location appears in the map on the right and the name becomes
editable in the list.
10 Ty pe Saint Martin, press Return, and then click Done.
Now that you’ve imported photos, viewed and organized Events, located and
labeled some faces, and assigned and added some places, you can take a break.
You’ve earned it.
Lesson Review
1. What is the rule of thirds and how will adhering to it improve your
2. What is GPS?
3. How can you control whether iPhoto opens automatically when you
attach a camera to your Mac?
Lesson Review 51
4. How can you tell if an item to be imported from your camera is a video
rather than a still image?
5. How can you import image files into iPhoto?
6. What is an Event?
7. How can you see the faces that iPhoto has recognized in a photo?
8. How can you change the name of a place?
1. The rule of thirds helps improve a photos composition by positioning the
photos subject a third of the way from the sides, top, or bottom of the
photo rather than in the direct center.
2. GPS is the Global Positioning System, consisting of a group of satellites
that transmit signals that terrestrial receivers can use to pinpoint locations.
Some cameras contain GPS receivers.
3. Open iPhotos preferences and choose iPhoto from the “Connecting cam-
era opens” menu in General preferences.
4. Video thumbnails have a small white video camera icon in their lower-left
5. You can import image files either by dragging them to the iPhoto icon in
the Dock, or by dragging them to the iPhoto window.
6. A collection of pictures taken around the same time.
7. Select the photo and then click the Names button.
8. Choose Window > Manage My Places, and then edit the name in the Edit
My Places list.
Lesson Files No additional files
Time This lesson takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.
Goals Compare and rate photos
Give your photos keywords
Search for photos by name, keyword, or rating
Make quick fixes to photos
Retouch and color-correct photos
Use special effects

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