Removing Red-Eye from Photos 73
If you want to see the technical details of what the Enhance tool
has done to a photo, take a look at the Adjust pane in the iPhoto edit view.
It displays the precise adjustments that the Enhance tool has made. Later
in this lesson you’ll use the Adjust pane to make more detailed changes to
a photos color, brightness, and contrast.
Removing Red-Eye from Photos
A very common photographic problem is the phenomenon known as red-
eye. When you take a photo using a flash attachment mounted directly on the
camera, the light from the flash can travel into your subject’s eyes, brightly
illuminating the blood vessels at the back of the subject’s eyeballs. The iPhoto
Red-Eye tool can get the red out.
1 In the search field, type 6014, and then click photo DSC_6014 in the view-
ing area.
Each of the three soccer players in this photo has minor red-eye issues.
2 In the edit view toolbar, click Edit.
3 Slide the size slider at the bottom of the iPhoto window far enough to
the right to allow you to see one of the pair of eyes in the photo in
detail, using the Navigation window that appears as needed to keep
the eyes in view.
Pressing the spacebar turns your pointer into a hand when it’s
over the viewing area. While the spacebar is down, you can drag the image
around the viewing area to position it instead of using the Navigation
4 Click the Red-Eye button in the edit view toolbar.
A Red-Eye tool appears over the viewing area, and your pointer becomes
a large circle.
5 On the Red-Eye tool, use the size slider to shrink the circle to the size of
one of the pupils.
74 Reviewing and Improving Your Photos
6 Position the circle over one of the eyes and click.
The part of the eye inside the circle loses its red.
Next, you’ll use the Auto function of the Red-Eye tool. This function uses
the face recognition information that iPhoto has about a photo to find the
eyes in each face and to remove the red from them.
7 Slide the size slider at the bottom of the iPhoto window far enough to the
left so that you can see the eyes of each person in the photo.
8 On the Red-Eye tool, click Auto.
All of the eyes lose their red cast.

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