150 Publishing Your Photos
An Assembling Book progress indicator appears that shows you the status
of the preview assembly.
When the book preview is assembled, the Preview window opens with
your books preview. The first page shows the book’s front and back cover.
5 Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to look through your book, and
then choose Preview > Quit Preview.
All that’s left to do now is to finish the book, and then buy it. The purchase
process is similar to the way you buy prints: Click the Buy Book button in the
toolbar and complete your order in an Order Book dialog that looks much like
the Order Prints dialog that you’ve already seen.
Of course, this is just an exercise, so you’re not going to do that now—unless
the book you’ve just made has really struck your fancy!
Making a Greeting Card
Suppose you have a photo that would be perfect for a holiday card or a party
invitation. You can use iPhoto to create such cards and have them profession-
ally printed, just as you can with photo prints and books.
Making a Greeting Card 151
To learn how to make a card, you’ll use one of the photos from the Bhutan
1 Open the Bhutan Event and click photo PA137456.jpg.
2 In the toolbar, click Card.
If your iPhoto window is not wide enough to display all of the
toolbar buttons, you see a Keepsakes button instead of a Card button.
Click the Keepsakes button and then choose Card from the menu.
Previews of various card themes appear. From the pop-up menu at the
top left you can choose whether to create a greeting card or a postcard.
A Greeting Card layout has the picture on the front and opens to reveal
a message inside. A Postcard layout has the picture on the front and the
message on the back. You’ll use a greeting card for the invitation.
3 At the top of the category list on the left, click All, and then, in the thumb-
nails on the right, click Simple Parchment.
4 Click Choose.
152 Publishing Your Photos
The viewing area becomes a card layout area, with the outside and the
inside of the card displayed, and a toolbar beneath it with tools similar to
those in the book layout areas toolbar. Also, under the Keepsakes heading
in the Source list, an untitled card” project appears
5 In the Source list, rename the card project We’re moving card.
6 In the toolbar, choose Vertical from the Orientation menu, and then click
Background and choose a green background.

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