Apple Training Series: GarageBand ’09

Book description

Whether you’re an accomplished musician or a student, GarageBand is the most rewarding way to  create, perform, and record your own music. In the only Apple-certified guide to GarageBand, composer Mary Plummer starts by teaching you the interface and basic recording techniques and moves on to arranging a song, editing and mixing tracks, adding effects, and distributing your music files. Using practical step-by-step lessons and original music, you’ll learn how to record with any guitar, microphone, or MIDI keyboard; score a QuickTime movie; create an iPhone ringtone; jam with virtual musicians; and much more. A bonus lesson on advanced techniques covers little-known tips and time-savers that help you get the most out of GarageBand in a professional setting.

• Turn your Mac into a full-featured recording studio

• Arrange a song, edit and mix tracks, add effects, and distribute your music

• Use Magic GarageBand Jam to create your own virtual backing band

• Create a podcast complete with narration, music, sound effects, and artwork.

• Build a soundtrack and learn to score a professional trailer

• Create a fun iPhone ringtone from scratch

• Learn piano and guitar through interactive video lessons with legendary recording artists

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
    1. The Methodology
      1. Course Structure
    2. System Requirements
      1. Hardware Compatibility
    3. Installing GarageBand
    4. Copying the Lesson Files
      1. Installing the Lesson Files
    5. About Apple Training and Certification
    6. Resources
  3. 1. Learning to Play Music with GarageBand
    1. Opening GarageBand
    2. Connecting Musical Instruments to Your Computer
    3. Connecting a MIDI Instrument to Your Computer
    4. Learning to Play Guitar or Piano
    5. Taking a Guitar or Piano Lesson
    6. Exploring the Interface
    7. Navigating Between Lesson Sections
    8. Customizing the Lesson Workspace
    9. Tuning and Recording During a Lesson
    10. Changing a Lesson Mix
    11. Downloading Additional Learn to Play Lessons
    12. Taking an Artist Lesson
    13. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  4. 2. Jamming with a Virtual Band
    1. Selecting a Music Genre
    2. Navigating and Controlling Playback
    3. Auditioning Virtual Musicians (Instrument Parts)
    4. Mixing Instruments in Magic GarageBand
      1. Project Practice
    5. Setting Up Your Instrument
    6. Adding an Instrument
    7. Recording a Part
    8. Opening and Saving the Song in GarageBand
    9. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  5. 3. Recording Music in GarageBand
    1. Recording a Song
    2. Choosing a Project Template
    3. Exploring the GarageBand Window
    4. Identifying Regions and Tracks
    5. Setting Up an Electric Guitar Track
    6. Monitoring Your Input
    7. Recording in Stereo vs. Mono
      1. Plan Before Recording
    8. Tuning a Guitar in the LCD
    9. Using a Metronome or Drum Track
    10. Previewing and Adding a Drum Loop
    11. Recording Single Takes
    12. Recording Multiple Takes
    13. Selecting a Best Take
    14. Using Guitar Amps and Stompboxes
    15. Saving Effects Settings
    16. Working with an Acoustic Guitar Track
    17. Editing Multiple-Take Regions
    18. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  6. 4. Scoring a Movie and Arranging Loops
    1. Scoring a QuickTime Movie
    2. Creating a Movie Score Project
    3. Previewing a Movie in the Browser
    4. Importing a Video File from the Media Browser
    5. Watching the Movie in the Timeline
    6. Creating a Cycle Region for Scoring
    7. Working with Loops
    8. Browsing and Adding Loops to the Project
    9. Using Alignment Guides and Snapping
    10. Trimming a Loop
    11. Project Tasks
    12. Working with Software Instrument Loops
    13. Splitting a Loop Region
    14. Using Advanced Arranging Techniques
    15. Changing Track Instruments
    16. Duplicating Regions in the Timeline
    17. Transposing a Region in the Editor
    18. Copying and Pasting in the Timeline
    19. Project Tasks
    20. Working with Sound Effects
    21. Adding Sound Effects from the Loop Browser
      1. Trimming Sound Effects in the Timeline
    22. Playing and Recording Sound Effects
    23. Project Tasks
    24. Customizing a Sound Effects Track Instrument
    25. Saving a Customized Track Instrument
    26. Project Tasks
    27. Archiving a Project
    28. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  7. 5. Creating an iPhone Ringtone
    1. Opening a Ringtone Template
    2. Recording a New Software Instrument Part
    3. Playing the Onscreen Music Keyboard
    4. Sending a Ringtone to iTunes
    5. Editing a Real Instrument Voice Track
    6. Editing Regions in the Editor
    7. Project Tasks
    8. Merging Real Instrument Regions
    9. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  8. 6. Mixing Music and Effects
    1. Creating a Basic Mix
    2. Adjusting the Tempo
    3. Using the Arrange Track
    4. Working with the Track Mixer
    5. Adjusting Levels with the Volume Slider
    6. Reading the Level Meter
      1. Checking Combined Levels
    7. Using the Pan Dial
    8. Balancing Volume Levels for Individual Tracks
    9. Adding Effects to a Track
    10. Adding Effects to the Overall Song
    11. Preparing the Project
    12. Locking Tracks to Improve Processor Speed
    13. Working with Volume and Pan Automation Curves
    14. Showing Volume Curves
    15. Adding and Adjusting Control Points
    16. Dynamically Panning a Track
    17. Project Tasks
    18. Working with the Master Track
    19. Understanding the Volume Controls
      1. Track Volume
      2. Master Track Volume
      3. Master Output Volume
      4. Computer Output Volume
    20. Fading Out the Master Track
    21. Testing Your Trained Ear
    22. Ducking Background Tracks
    23. Project Tasks
    24. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  9. 7. Creating Podcasts
    1. Creating a New Podcast Project
    2. Showing and Hiding the Podcast Track, Browser, and Editor
    3. Choosing Podcast Recording Equipment
    4. Exploring the Vocal Track Presets
    5. Project Tasks
    6. Adding the Speech Enhancer Effect to Recorded Vocal Tracks
    7. Importing a GarageBand Project
    8. Saving a Project with iLife Preview
    9. Adding a GarageBand Project from the Media Browser
    10. Editing a GarageBand Project Within Another Project
    11. Working with Artwork and Markers
    12. Adding Artwork to the Media Browser
    13. Adding Episode Artwork to the Project
    14. Adding Artwork to the Podcast Track
    15. Working with the Artwork Editor
    16. Building a Marker Title Sequence
    17. Project Tasks
    18. Editing Marker Regions
    19. Viewing Additional Marker Information
    20. Adding a URL to a Marker
    21. Project Tasks
    22. Using Marker Artwork for Episode Artwork
    23. Adding Episode Info to a Podcast
    24. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  10. 8. Sharing Your Finished Projects
    1. Sharing with Other iLife Applications
    2. Exporting Projects to iTunes
    3. Setting Preferences for iTunes
    4. Evaluating a Song’s Output Level
    5. Sending a Song to iTunes
    6. Exporting a Project as a QuickTime Movie
    7. Sharing a Project with iDVD
    8. Adding and Editing Markers
    9. Project Tasks
    10. Sending a Movie to iDVD
    11. Sending a Podcast to iWeb
    12. Project Tasks
    13. Lesson Review
      1. Answers
  11. Bonus Lessons and Materials
    1. Add Loops
    2. Edit Real Instrument Loops
    3. Export Selected Tracks
    4. Minimize Processor Load
    5. Explore Jam Packs
    6. Adding Loops and Recordings to the Loop Browser
    7. Editing Real Instrument Loops
      1. Comparing Bass Parts
      2. Creating a Loop Pattern
      3. Transposing Real Instrument Regions
    8. Project Tasks
    9. Exporting Selected Tracks
    10. Minimizing Processor Load
      1. Setting GarageBand Preferences to Help Minimize the Processor Load
    11. Exploring Jam Packs
      1. Jam Pack System Requirements
      2. Comparing the Different Jam Packs
        1. Remix Tools
        2. Rhythm Section
        3. Symphony Orchestra
        4. Voices
        5. World Music
      3. Finding Jam Pack Loops and Instruments
      4. Making Jam Pack Loops and Instruments Portable

Product information

  • Title: Apple Training Series: GarageBand ’09
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2009
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321657985