Chapter 1

Watch This: Introducing Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the different Apple Watch models

arrow Learning about the many features of Apple Watch

arrow Navigating the Home screen

arrow Exploring different parts of Apple Watch

arrow Understanding wireless capabilities and sensors

So, are you excited or what?

You’re one of the first in the world to own an Apple Watch. Or perhaps you purchased this book in anticipation of picking one up or receiving it as a gift. Either way, thank you for reading Apple Watch For Dummies. This easy-to-read book has one goal in mind: to teach you everything you need to know about Apple Watch. With simple step-by-step instructions, clear images, and accessible tips and tricks, this book will help you gain the most from your new wearable gadget.

In this chapter, I walk you through the basics of Apple Watch to help you discover what this teeny wrist-mounted computer is capable of. Find out about the different parts of the watch — on the outside and inside — as ...

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