Chapter 2

Time Out: Setting Up Your Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up the watch for first-time use

arrow Choosing a PIN

arrow Charging up Apple Watch

arrow Taking care of your smartwatch

arrow Using Apple Watch responsibly

arrow Taking advantage of accessibility features

Well, you did it. You’re now the proud owner of an Apple Watch.

Or perhaps you received one as a gift and you’re more intimidated than proud?

Regardless, I’m thrilled you picked up (or downloaded) this book to help you get the most from your wearable companion. You’re gonna love your new gadget.

This chapter helps you set up Apple Watch for the first time as well as covers how to charge it up, take care of it, and get to know some of the basics.

Setting Up Apple Watch

If you’re a fan of those unboxing videos on YouTube, you’ve watched a few gadget geeks excitedly open a box for the first time and expose all the goodies inside, but if you ...

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