Chapter 6

In the Know: Staying Informed With Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Accessing weather and stock information

arrow Adding information as complications

arrow Using Glances for quick takes on what matters

arrow Seeing Notifications on Apple Watch

arrow Mastering the Calendar for your wrist

arrow Navigating the Maps app

When people ask me “Why do I need a smartwatch?” I usually answer with something like “convenience.” A wearable device on your wrist is ideal for quick bits of information — when and where you need it. Rather than pulling out your smartphone or your tablet, you can simply glance down with your eyes to get what you need while on the go.

This chapter focuses mostly on how Apple Watch shows you information that’s relevant to you. For example, you can access weather information for today or for the next week. Or even in another city. Or multiple cities. Do you like playing the market or want to see ...

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