Chapter 10

Pay for Play: Making Mobile Payments With Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding Apple Pay

arrow Using Apple Pay on Apple Watch

arrow Setting up Apple Watch for Apple Pay

arrow Paying with Apple Watch without a nearby iPhone

arrow Accessing Passbook on Apple Watch

arrow Using Apple Watch for deals and rewards

This chapter looks at how to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch. First, though, a brief primer on what Apple Pay is.

If you own an iPhone 6 or newer, then perhaps you’ve had a chance to try out Apple Pay ( — Apple’s proprietary mobile payment solution that lets you buy goods and services without needing your wallet.

Simply wave your compatible phone over a contactless terminal at a participating retailer — with your finger or thumb on the Touch ID sensor (built into the Home button) — and the transaction is completed. This saves time at retail because you don’t have to dig ...

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