Chapter 12

Extra! Extra! Having Fun With Apple Watch

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at photos on Apple Watch

arrow Syncing photos to Apple Watch

arrow Using your watch as a shutter button for iPhone

arrow Playing around with recommended games for Apple Watch

You didn’t think Apple Watch was just for information, communication, and navigation, did you?

This mobile companion of yours is also ideal for playing around. In Chapter 5, I looked at how to send animated emojis and digital sketches to people. And Chapter 9 covered music playback and how to control Apple TV and iTunes playlists from your wrist.

But your watch can do much more in the fun department.

Granted, Apple doesn’t seem to advertise these nonessential applications as much as customizing watch faces, sending messages, or calculating your physical activity, but you can indeed enjoy some downtime with Apple Watch, including many playable games already available in the App Store for Apple Watch.

You can also look at photos of people, pets, and places on your Apple Watch — anytime and anywhere. Perhaps you ran into someone who asked how old your ...

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