Chapter 8

Fitness Fun and Happy Health: Apple Watch Is Your Workout Buddy and Digital Doctor


Bullet Mastering the Activity app

Bullet Navigating the Workout app

Bullet Understanding personalized reminders, feedback, and rewards

Bullet Reviewing your physical activity and earning rewards

Bullet Using the Breathe app for moments of relaxation

Bullet Using Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG) feature, Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, and Medical ID

Fitness is one of the smartest applications on your smartwatch. Whether you’re trying to monitor your regular daily activity, determined to lose weight, an athlete looking to maximize your training, or simply wanting to manage your workout regimes in an easy way, Apple Watch can handle it all. While you wear one of these high-tech yet water- and sweat-resistant devices on your wrist, you’ll receive real-time information, such as total distance traveled, ...

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