Apple Watch For Dummies, 2022nd Edition

Book description

Make your Apple Watch your new best friend!

From accessing messages to getting quick directions, the latest smart watches do a whole lot more than just tell time. And the latest version of the Apple Watch is one of the most powerful iterations of these handy devices you can own.

In Apple Watch For Dummies, you'll get step-by-step guidance on how to use all the best features of the Apple Watch. You'll learn how to make payments with a flick of your wrist using Apple Pay, keep track of your activity and sleep, monitor your heart health in real time, and even turn your watch into a digital walkie-talkie.

This easy-to-read guide will also show you how to:

  • Stay in touch by sending and receiving text messages and emails with your Apple Watch
  • Track your fitness and sleep with Apple Watch, and have it monitor your health and even detect a sudden fall
  • Learn how to stream Apple Music playlists and podcasts to wireless headphones
  • Customize your watch face to look exactly the way you want it to look, from retro-chic to futuristic fun

Apple Watch For Dummies is a must-read resource for Apple enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you're an Apple Watch newbie or you've been using one since they first came out and just need a refresher, this book has everything you need to get the most out of one of the coolest pieces of wearable tech on the market today.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Foolish Assumptions
    4. Icons Used in This Book
    5. Beyond This Book
    6. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: Getting to Know Apple Watch
    1. Chapter 1: Watch This: Introducing Apple Watch
      1. Exploring the Apple Watch Collections
      2. Figuring Out What Apple Watch Can Do
      3. Determining What You Need for Your Apple Watch
      4. Getting to Know Apple Watch’s Home Screen
      5. Learning about Apple Watch’s Parts
      6. Using Apple Watch’s Touchscreen
      7. Understanding Apple Watch’s Wireless Functions and Internal Sensors
      8. Tapping with Apple Watch’s Haptic Feedback
    2. Chapter 2: Time Out: Setting Up Your Apple Watch
      1. Setting Up Apple Watch
      2. Understanding the Home Screen
      3. Maintaining Your Apple Watch
      4. Taking Advantage of Accessibility Features
    3. Chapter 3: Control Freak: Mastering Apple Watch’s Interface and Apps
      1. Handling Apple Watch’s Controls
      2. Going Hands-Free with Siri
      3. Vibrating Along with Apple Watch’s Tactile Feedback
      4. Using Control Center, Dock, and Notifications
      5. Looking at Apple Watch’s Built-In Apps
  6. Part 2: Just the Tasks, Ma’am!
    1. Chapter 4: It’s About Time: Setting Watch Faces, Alarms, Timers, and More
      1. Looking At the Built-In Watch Faces
      2. Choosing Among the Various Watch Faces
      3. Differentiating Between Customizations and Complications
      4. Adding Complications
      5. Accessing Time on Apple Watch
      6. Accessing World Time
      7. Taking Control: Alarms, Stopwatches, and Timers, Oh My!
    2. Chapter 5: Keep in Touch: Using Apple Watch for Calls, Texts, and More
      1. Accepting and Placing a Call on Apple Watch
      2. Handing Off a Call to Your iPhone or via Bluetooth
      3. Making Apple Watch Calls over Wi-Fi
      4. Receiving and Sending Messages
      5. Sending Taps, Kisses, Heartbeats, and More
      6. Enabling and Using the Walkie-Talkie Feature
      7. Sending, Receiving, and Managing Emails on Apple Watch
    3. Chapter 6: In the Know: Staying Informed with Apple Watch
      1. Accessing Real-Time Weather, UV Index, and Wind Speed
      2. Following Stock Information and Much More
      3. Using Dock on Apple Watch
      4. Mastering Notifications on Apple Watch
      5. Accessing Your Calendar on Apple Watch
      6. Setting Reminders on Apple Watch
      7. Accessing Apple Watch’s Integrated Calculator
      8. Creating and Listening to Voice Memos
      9. Navigating the Maps App
      10. Getting Directions on Apple Maps
      11. Using the Compass
      12. Using the Find People App
      13. Locating Your Stuff with the Find Items App
  7. Part 3: It’s All in the Wrist
    1. Chapter 7: Siri Supersized: Gaining the Most from Your Personal Assistant
      1. Setting Up Siri on Your Apple Watch
      2. What Are Siri Shortcuts?
      3. Trying Other Tasks with Siri
      4. Extending the Fun (and Silly) Ways to Interact with Siri
    2. Chapter 8: Apple Watch As Your Workout Buddy and Digital Doctor
      1. Tracking Your Fitness with Apple Watch
      2. Getting Up and Running with the Activity App
      3. Understanding the Workout App
      4. Personalizing Reminders, Feedback, and Achievements
      5. Using the Fitness App on Your iPhone
      6. Checking Activity Trends
      7. Using (and Loving) the Mindfulness App
      8. Cycle Tracking
      9. Hearing Health: Using the Noise App
      10. Advanced Health Help: Heart-Rate, ECG, and Blood Oxygen Monitoring
      11. Advanced Health Help: Medical ID, Fall Detection, and SOS Calling
      12. Tracking Your Sleep with Apple Watch
      13. Using Apple Fitness+ on Apple Watch
    3. Chapter 9: Mucho Media: Managing Your Music, Movies, Apple TV, and More
      1. Using Apple Watch to Control Songs Stored on an iPhone
      2. Having Siri Play Your Music
      3. Pairing a Bluetooth Device with Apple Watch
      4. Streaming Apple Music to Your Apple Watch
      5. Syncing and Playing Music from Your Apple Watch
      6. Removing Music from Your Apple Watch
      7. Streaming Radio to Your Apple Watch
      8. Playing Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Radio Plays
      9. Controlling Apple TV and Apple Music (or iTunes)
    4. Chapter 10: Making Mobile Payments with Apple Watch Controlling Your Smart Home
      1. Apple Watch and Security
      2. Setting Up Apple Pay on iPhone
      3. Setting Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch
      4. Using Apple Pay with Your Apple Watch
      5. Paying without a Nearby iPhone
      6. Looking at the Wallet App
      7. Using Apple Pay Cash on Apple Watch
      8. Using Apple Watch for Other Deals and Rewards
      9. Mastering the Home App to Monitor and Control Your Smart Home
  8. Part 4: More Apple Watch Tips and Tricks
    1. Chapter 11: App It Up: Customizing Apple Watch with Awesome Apps and More
      1. Downloading Apps for Apple Watch
      2. Adjusting Settings in the Companion Apple Watch App on Your iPhone
      3. Twenty Recommended Third-Party Apple Watch Apps
    2. Chapter 12: Extra! Extra! Having Fun with Apple Watch
      1. Copying Photos to Apple Watch
      2. Launching Photos on Apple Watch
      3. Choosing a Photo for Your Portraits Watch Face
      4. Discovering the Camera App
      5. Examining a Batch of Apple Watch Games
  9. Part 5: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 13: Ten Cool Things to Do with Your Apple Watch
      1. Activity
      2. Apple Pay
      3. Hotel Key
      4. Walkie-Talkie
      5. Music Playback
      6. Maps
      7. Digital Touch
      8. Siri
      9. Gaming
      10. Mute Alerts with Your Palm
  10. Index
  11. About the Author
  12. Connect with Dummies
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Apple Watch For Dummies, 2022nd Edition
  • Author(s): Marc Saltzman
  • Release date: January 2022
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119846406