5.3. Using LabWindows/CVI to Interface with ANSI C

Measurement Studio bridges the gap between standard software development tools and LabView Virtual Instrumentation for test, measurement, and automation applications. You can choose from standard environments such as LabWindows/CVI for ANSI C, Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Basic, and Visual C++ to create your application, using tools specific for each language. With Measurement Studio, you can write programs quickly and easily and modify them as your needs change. At the same time, you lower your application development costs and decrease your time to market.

5.3.1. Introduction to LabWindows/CVI[*]

[*] Source: Reprinted by permission of National Instruments, Corp. Available: http://sine.ni.com/apps/we/nioc.vp?cid=11104&lang=US ...

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