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“There is denitely a need for engineers and scientists alike to master a plethora
of tools and techniques in their careers. Calculus of variations has long been
viewed as esoteric and theoretical; hence explaining its absence from most
engineering curricula at universities. But mentalities need to be changed as
products developed today are becoming more and more sophisticated. Hence
there is a need for more books in this eld that are targeted to the engineering
profession and I expect that this second edition of Dr. Komzsik’s book will gain
widespread popularity.”
Dr. Yogeshwarsing Calleecharan
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
About the book
The subject of calculus of variations is to nd optimal solutions to engineering
problems whose optimum may be a certain quantity, a shape or a function.
Applied Calculus of Variations for Engineers addresses this very important
mathematical area applicable to many engineering disciplines. Its unique, applica-
tion oriented approach sets it apart from the theoretical treatises of most texts
as it is aimed at enhancing the engineer’s understanding of the topic. This
second edition extends the collection of methods aiding the engineer in the
application of the concepts with more enlightening examples.
Applied Calculus of Variations for Engineers
Applied Calculus of Variations
for Engineers
Louis Komzsik
Calculus of
for Engineers
Calculus of
for Engineers
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Louis Komzsik
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Calculus of
for Engineers
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