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Research on aesthetic education in teaching swimming to teenagers
Ting Liao
Sports Training Department, Wuhan Sports University, Wuhan, China
ABSTRACT: In recent years, aesthetic education theory and aesthetic education research has become more
prosperous under policy support in China. There was a contention of hundreds of schools’ thoughts for the
definition of aesthetic education. Aesthetic education and physical education, as two parts of the whole education
and organic components of cultivating individual with all-round development, have a close connection since
ancient times. In teaching teenagers swimming, efforts will be made for the contributions of establishing the
theory system of aesthetic education and achieving the systematization of aesthetic education, experimental
research of aesthetic education and the quantification of aesthetic education research.
Keywords: aesthetic education; teenager swimming teaching.
During the rapid accumulation of material wealth, the
appeal of pursuing beauty from all sectors of soci-
ety in China has grown stronger and stronger because
of people’s meagre spiritual world. Known as percep-
tual and emotional life education, aesthetic education
becomes the strong appeal for reshaping the life values
of modern people after analyzing various aspects of
advantages and disadvantages. Aesthetic education of
life is the education to influence, cultivate and promote
the beauty of life. It influences not only the growth and
development of adolescents’ life, but also the national
civilization degree and the mental state of new genera-
tion of citizens’.
Aesthetic education, which belongs
to the cross research categoriesofeducationcirclesand
aesthetics circles, is strikingly drawing attention from
teachers who are in the forefront of education with the
label of great aesthetic education.
Diving among the ocean of books, it can be found
that aesthetic education is a time-honoured concept.
Among the aphorism of western learned scholars, the
propositions of Plato and Aristotle started aesthetic
education thoughts. As for China, aesthetic educa-
tion has precious achievements throughout the five
thousand years of cultural precipitation. Many remark-
able aesthetic views were proposed by Confucianists,
Taoists, Mohists and Legalists, etc., in the Spring and
Autumn Period. Especially in Six Arts, the part of
music was the specialized embodiment of aesthetic
education. Additionally, archery and chariotriding
also contain sports courses related to moral educa-
tion and aesthetic education. Wang Guowei and Cai
Yuanpei were two of the most influential figures in
the history of aesthetic education, combining west-
ern excellent aesthetic theory with the ancient Chinese
tradition of valuing aesthetic education. They formed
aesthetic education thought with distinctive features
that had profound implications for the development of
modern aesthetic education.
In recent years, aesthetic education theory and
aesthetic education research has become more pros-
perous under policy support in China. There was a
contention of hundreds of schools’ thoughts for the
definition of aesthetic education. In 1987, Teng Cun,
an education theorist, formally put forward the term
great aesthetic education. He thought, Aesthetic fac-
tors exist in all the courses, all life of teaching and
all the teenagers’ lives. The aesthetic education is
ever-present and ubiquitous’. The proposed concept
of great aesthetic education focuses on the whole
aesthetic education, which advocates conducting edu-
cation teaching activities in accordance with aesthetic
law and principle, fullyexcavating the aesthetic factors
in education. Greataestheticeducationaimsatpromot-
ing the students’ cognitive and aesthetic harmonious
development through integrating aesthetic education
in the whole teaching process of school education, thus
to promote students’ overall healthy development.
The great aesthetic education attracted great atten-
tion from many researchers after being proposed.
Meanwhile, its important position was fully affirmed
in quality education. Zhou Fengyun pointed out, ‘Great
aesthetic education is of important significance in
cultivating perfect modern personality with compre-
hensive development’
. Professor Bai Tianyou pro-
posed, ‘Great aesthetic education should study the

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