Chapter 11Designing Operational Reports with Reporting Services

Operational reports provide the necessary data to keep the business moving forward. Reporting Services allows you to create all kinds of reports, including operational. Combining the power of operational reporting and Reporting Services will help your company complete its day-to-day business activities.

This chapter introduces you to the world of operational reporting within SQL Server Reporting Services (Reporting Services) by discussing, in order, operational reports, Reporting Services, and then some of the best practices available to you for operational reports in Reporting Services. These best practices fall under several areas: development, performance, and functionality. Each of the best practices provides steps to let you create your own operational reports in Reporting Services.

What Are Operational Reports and Reporting Services?

Report Services developers tend to group reports into two categories: operational reports and analytical reports. Although the line between the two categories can be blurry, you can decide in which category your report falls based on a few criteria: source data, audience, and display. You need both types of reports to successfully run your organization; together, these two report types provide insight into both how your organization performs today and where it can go in the future.

Understanding Analytical Versus Operational Reports

Analytical reports intend to provide insights ...

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