2Problems – Instrumentation


Furnace draught systems are typically low pressure, for example 1″ water gauge. The airflow is to be monitored in order to implement air/fuel ratio control. Usually a Venturi is used in order to minimise loss of the available applied draught (see diagram). Your 30 cm diameter air intake ducting has a hood to minimise ingress of foreign material, and proceeds through a Venturi with throat diameter of 15 cm before the forced draught fan.

Diagram depicting a furnace draught system, where HP tapping, LP tapping, forced draught fan, windbox, and inlet for fuel and air are labeled.

You have calculated a design airflow of 2 th−1 at 25 °C and 101 kPa abs. Estimate the ΔP that will be generated by the Venturi, so that you can specify a suitable DP ...

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