Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports: Using BEx Web Analyzer and Web Application Designer

Book Description

Deliver SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports

Distribute integrated, accurate, and timely data across your enterprise using the Web-based reporting components in SAP BI. Written by an SAP insider, Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports: Using BEx Web Analyzer and Web Application Designer shows you how to construct effective queries, create HTML-based reports, and combine key analytics into a dashboard-style interface. Learn how to import data from multiple providers, configure custom templates, track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and incorporate JavaScript and XHTML. Security, troubleshooting, and third-party tools are also discussed in this comprehensive guide.

Essential BI skills for business professionals:

  • Define queries and export them as links with BEx Web Analyzer
  • Create BI-specific HTML pages using Web Application Designer and Report Designer
  • Construct reusable templates, shortcuts, and Web items
  • Design high-impact BI dashboards, cockpits, and billboards
  • Integrate toolbars,drilldown capabilities, and drag-and-drop features
  • Publish reporting objects with the Broadcaster and Broadcast Wizard
  • Migrate existing systems and reports to the SAP BI 7.0 platform
  • Add BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, and JavaScript components

Peter Jones, MBA, is a principal/platinum business applications consultant with SAP Professional Services Consulting. He has more than 11 years of consulting and educational experience in a variety of strategic and leadership roles. Jones is the author of SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Applied SAP® BI 7.0 Web Reports
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 BEx Web Analyzer Reporting Functionality
    1. Status of Reporting Tools in SAP BI
    2. Introduction to the BEx Web Analyzer
      1. Accessing the BEx Web Analyzer
      2. Navigation Options in the BEx Web Analyzer
    3. Summary
  8. 2 Getting a Fast Start with BI Patterns in the BEx Web Template
    1. Introduction to BI Patterns and the BEx Web Template
      1. Using BI Patterns with the Pattern Wizard
    2. Configuration of the BI Patterns in the Web Application Designer
      1. Small Web Template with Analysis Web Item and 1 DP
      2. Small Web Template with Chart Web Item and 1 DP
      3. Small Web Template with Chart, Analysis Web Item and 1 DP
      4. Information Consumer Pattern
    3. Summary
  9. 3 Basics of the Web Application Designer
    1. Introduction to the Web Application Designer (WAD)
      1. Example WAD Reports
    2. Overview of the WAD Interface
      1. The WAD Screen Areas
      2. The WAD Menu Bar and Toolbar Components
    3. 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN: Standard Web Template
      1. 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN Interface
    4. Summary
  10. 4 Advanced Configuration Using the Web Application Designer
    1. Setting Up the Initial Web Template for Use in the WAD
      1. Web Template Properties
      2. Web Template Formatting Components
      3. Creating a Web Template
    2. Configuration of Web Items
      1. Configuration of a Web Template with Two Web Items
      2. Groups of Web Items
    3. Formatting with Web Template Layouts Format
      1. Command Wizard
      2. XHTML Features
      3. JavaScript Features
    4. Summary
  11. 5 Advanced Functionality of the Report Designer
    1. Functionality of the Report Designer
      1. Static and Dynamic Sections in a Report Designer Report
      2. Row Patterns
    2. Tips and Tricks for Using the Report Designer
      1. Using Hierarchies in Your Reports
      2. Using Templates in the Report Designer
      3. Positioning Queries in the Report Designer
    3. Example Using the Functionality of the Report Designer
    4. Summary
  12. 6 Developing Effective Web Reports
    1. Overview of Web Report Development
    2. Introducting the Chart Web Item
      1. Charts
      2. Automatic Axis Labeling
    3. Editing Charts
      1. Chart Types
      2. Formatting Charts Using the Wizard
      3. Defining Chart Properties
      4. Examples of Improved Chart Layout
    4. Configuration of Commands
      1. Integration
      2. Commands for Web Items
      3. Commands for Web Templates
      4. Commands for Data Providers
    5. Summary
  13. 7 Developing High-Impact Dashboards
    1. Overview of the Development of Dashboards
    2. Process of Developing a Dynamic Dashboard
      1. Required Details of the KPIs
      2. Tips on Visualization of Dynamic Dashboards
      3. The Architecture of the Dashboard
    3. Examples of Effective Dashboards
    4. Summary
  14. 8 Migrating 3.x to 7.0 BEx Web Reports and the WAD
    1. Overview of the Migration Process
    2. Approach to Migration of Web-Based Reports
    3. Migration Activities
      1. Standard Business Content for Migration
      2. WAD Library
      3. Web Reports
      4. WAD Templates
      5. Variants
      6. Steps in the Migration Process
    4. Summary
  15. 9 Integration of SAP BusinessObjects Components into the BI Environment
    1. Overview of the Integration and Positioning Process
    2. Components of SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ) for Reporting
      1. Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job
      2. Web Intelligence (WebI)
      3. Xcelsius
      4. Crystal Reports
      5. BusinessObjects Explorer
    3. Summary
  16. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Applied SAP BI 7.0 Web Reports: Using BEx Web Analyzer and Web Application Designer
  • Author(s): Peter Jones
  • Release date: July 2010
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071640275