OFM Fault Management frameworks

Frameworks, in plural form? Yes, we have more than one in OFM, as we already mentioned. From the components' inheritance, we have similar features that are based on:

  • Policy fault handling (the core of Error Hospital): SCA and EBF/ABCS Frameworks
  • BPEL fault management (compensative transaction ): SCA and EBF/ABCS Frameworks
  • OSB error-handling mechanisms: ESB and the EBS Framework

We are not going to spend a lot of time discussing standard OFM EH mechanisms; they have been around since 10g, and since 2008, they have been presented in many books and Oracle ACEs' blogs in great detail (here again, we can refer to Lucas Jellema's handbook). Another, and probably the main reason to make it short, is because of rule 6: Standard ...

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