Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET XML Web Services

Book description

This book takes the reader from the architecture of .NET to real-world techniques they can use in their own Internet applications. The reader is introduced to .NET and Web Services and explores (in detail) issues surrounding the fielding of successful Web Services. Practical guidelines as well as solutions are provided that the rader may use in their own projects. Some of the issues involve lack of specific guidance in the SOAP specification, while others transcend SOAP and involve issues Internet developers have grappled with since the inception of the World Wide Web. At this time, this book has no competition.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. About the Technical Editor
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Author's Note
  6. Tell Us What You Think!
  7. Introduction
  8. Foundations of Web Services
    1. Web Service Fundamentals
      1. What Are Web Services?
      2. The Road to Web Services
      3. Uses for Web Services
      4. Web Service Properties
      5. Creating a Web Service in Visual Studio .NET
      6. Interface Design Tips
      7. Summary
    2. .NET Architecture and Web Services Components
      1. Motivation for Creating .NET
      2. The .NET Framework
      3. The Common Language Runtime
      4. Web Services
      5. Summary
    3. Web Services and XML
      1. XML as a Wire Representation
      2. Querying XML Elements Using XPath
      3. Essential XML
      4. URIs and XML Namespaces
      5. XML Schemas
      6. Identifying XML Elements Using XLink
      7. XML Transformations
      8. .NET's XML Architecture
      9. Summary
    4. .NET Web Services and SOAP
      1. Why Is SOAP Needed?
      2. The SOAP XML Object Model
      3. The SOAP Envelope
      4. The SOAP Header
      5. The SOAP Body
      6. .NET SOAP Classes
      7. Summary
    5. Web Service Description and Discovery
      1. Web Service Description Language
      2. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
      3. Summary
  9. Implementing Web Services
    1. Web Services in ASP.NET
      1. Web Service Processing in .NET
      2. Web Services and Visual Studio .NET
      3. Controlling the SOAP Serialization Format
      4. Adding SOAP Headers
      5. Adding a SOAP Extension
      6. Errors and the SOAP Fault
      7. Web Service State Management
      8. Debugging and Deployment
      9. Web Services and Best Practices
      10. Summary
    2. Consuming .NET Web Services
      1. Visual Studio .NET Web Service Support
      2. Consuming Web Services
      3. SOAP Headers
      4. Intercepting and Modifying SOAP Packets
      5. More Deployment and Debugging
      6. Summary
  10. More Advanced Web Services
    1. .NET Remoting
      1. .NET Remoting Architecture
      2. Remotable Objects
      3. .NET Remoting Example
      4. Summary
    2. Extreme Web Services
      1. Embedded XML
      2. SOAP and Attachments
      3. Transactions
      4. Debugging and Web Services
      5. Web Service Documentation
      6. Summary
    3. .NET and Web Service Security
      1. Security Terms and Concepts
      2. Application-Level Security Versus System-Level Security
      3. Web Services and Security
      4. Breadth of Web Service Security
      5. .NET Security
      6. Summary
  11. Appendixes
    1. Example .NET Web Service
      1. Tip of the Day Web Service in Visual Basic .NET
      2. finger Web Service in C#
    2. Using ATL Server to Create Web Services
      1. ATL Server Architecture
      2. Example ATL Server Web Service
    3. XML Protocol and SOAP
      1. The Birth of XML Protocol
      2. The XMLP Abstract Model
      3. SOAP v1.2
      4. XMLP, SOAP, and the Future
    4. .NET Web Service Resources
      1. XML General
      2. General .NET Information
      3. General Web Service Information
      4. SOAP/XML Protocol
      5. Remoting
      6. UDDI
      7. WSDL
      8. Transactions
      9. Tools
      10. Security
      11. ebXML
      12. Sample Web Service
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Applied SOAP: Implementing .NET XML Web Services
  • Author(s): Kenn Scribner, Mark Stiver
  • Release date: October 2001
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 0672321114