Applications in Examples and Exercises

Bolts in bearing cap and plate

Brake contact resistance

Casing for a gear housing

Cast aluminum parts

Circular tubes yield strength

Cold start ignition time

Connector pull-off force

Copper plate warping

Cycles to failure

Deflection temperature for plastic pipe

Dot diameter

Drag coefficient

Electromechanical product

F-117A mission duration

Fatigue crack growth

Flatness distortion

Fretting wear

Gap width of a magnetic recording head

Glass bottle thickness

Height of leaf springs

Hole diameter

Jet-turbine or rocket thrust

Machined dimensions

Mechanical assembly

Missile miss distance

Molded parts

Nonconforming coil springs

Nozzle velocity

Particleboard deflection

Precision measuring instruments

Robotic insertion tool

Shaft and washer assemblies

Shear strengths

of Rubber

of Spot weld

Sheet metal operation

Space shuttle flight control system

Spindle saw processes

Surface roughness

Suspension helmets impact test

Suspension rod, piston rings, PVC pipe, and other diameters

Temperature of joint for O-rings Tire life

Tool life

Wear in auto parts

Wire bond strength

Exercises 2-177, 3-170, 5-77

Exercises 13-45

Example 2-9

Exercise 2-27

Exercise 6-10

Exercises 6-53, 6-64, 6-98

Exercises 6-67, 7-28, 9-4, 9-131

Exercises 14-6, 14-9

Exercises 6-23, 6-27, 6-39, 6-43, 6-79

Exercise 10-18

Exercises 4-70, 4-174

Exercises 6-18, 6-56, 6-105

Exercise 2-44

Exercise 6-13

Exercise 14-8

Exercise 14-62

Exercises 11-9, 11-47, 11-57, 11-61, 11-63

Exercise 4-23

Exercises ...

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