Index of Applications in Examples and Exercises


Amino acid composition of soybean meal

Anaerobic respiration


Cholesterol level

Glucose level


Body mass index (BMI)

Body temperature

Cellular replication

Circumference of orange trees

Deceased beetles under

autolysis and putrefaction

Diet and weight loss

Disease in plants

Dugongs (sea cows) length

Fatty acid in margarine

Gene expression

Gene occurrence

Gene sequences

Grain quality

Height of plants

Height or weight of people

Insect fragments in chocolate bars

IQ for monozygotic twins

Leaf transmutation

Leg strength

Light-dependent photosynthesis

Nisin recovery

Pesticides and grape infestation

Potato spoilage


in Livestock feed

in Milk

from Peanut milk

Protopectin content in tomatoes

Rat muscle

Rat tumors

Rat weight

Rejuvenated mitochondria

Root vole population

Sodium content of cornflakes


Splitting cell

St John's Wort

Stork sightings

Sugar content

Synapses in the granule cell layer

Tar content in tobacco

Taste evaluation

Tissues from an ivy plant

Exercise 8-52

Exercise 2-144

Exercise 15-10

Exercises 13-25, 14-37

Exercises 4-143, 8-31, 11-8, 11-30, 11-46

Exercise 11-35

Exercise 9-59

Exercises 2-193, 3-100

Exercise 10-46

Exercise 2-92

Exercises 10-43, 10-77, 15-35

Exercise 14-76

Exercise 11-15

Exercises 8-36, 8-66, 8-76, 9-147, 9-113

Exercises 6-65, 13-50, 15-42

Exercises 2-195, 3-11

Exercises 2-25, 2-192, 3-13, 13-147

Exercise 8-21

Exercises 4-170, 4-171

Exercises 4-44, 4-66, 5-64, 6-30, 6-37, ...

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