Applying Advanced Analytics to HR Management Decisions: Methods for Selection, Developing Incentives, and Improving Collaboration

Book description

Dramatically improve human capital management decisions by applying advanced analytics and "Big Data" technologies and processes! Pioneering HR technology expert James Sesil identifies widespread flaws in today's HR decision-making processes, and reveals how advanced analytics can help organizations make far more robust decisions about employee selection, performance management, strategy alignment, collaboration, and more. In this book he shows how to integrate Business Intelligence, ERP, Strategy Maps, Talent Management Suites, and advanced analytics -- and use them together to make far better decisions. You'll learn how to measure and improve the value of HCM decision-making in workforce/succession planning, talent acquisition, career development, corporate learning, and beyond. Sesil teaches key lessons from sources ranging from online dating services to Moneyball-style sports player selection processes. He shows how to systematically improve decision-making through more complete and sophisticated collaboration and new Collective Intelligence approaches. You'll learn how to use both internal and external data sources more effectively, and review a wide variety of advanced tools now available from vendors such as OrcaEyes, Vemo, Aruspex, Peoplefluent, Infor/Lawson, DecisionLens, Oracle, Ultimate, Cogniti, IBM, SAP, and Microsoft. Sesil concludes by demonstrating how to build "data driven" cultures and organizations that truly want to bring objectivity to decision-making, and will actually use these remarkable new tools. This book will be an invaluable resource for every HR executive, manager, analyst, and IT professional seeking new opportunities for competitive advantage through human capital and technological innovation.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. About the Author
  8. Preface
  9. Introduction
    1. The New Human Science and HCM Decisions
  10. 1. Challenges and Opportunities with Optimal Decision Making and How Advanced Analytics Can Help
    1. 1.1. How We Make Decisions and What Gets in the Way
    2. 1.2. Rise of the Machines: Advanced Analytics and Decision Making
    3. 1.3. Human and Machine: The Ideal Decision-Making Team
  11. 2. Collaboration, Cooperation, and Reciprocity
    1. 2.1. Human Nature and Human Science
    2. 2.2. The Power of Collaboration: The Scandinavian Model
    3. 2.3. Advanced Analytics and Collaborative Decision Making
  12. 3. Value Creation and Advanced Analytics
    1. 3.1. The Wealth of Organizations and What Advanced Analytics Can Do
    2. 3.2. Value and How to Create It: Intangible Capital
    3. 3.3. Strategic Choice and Advanced Analytics
    4. 3.4. Software Applications, Analytics, and HR Decisions
  13. 4. Human Science and Selection Decisions
    1. 4.1. Optimizing Selection and Promotion Decisions
    2. 4.2. Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, and Decision Analytics
    3. 4.3. Human Science and Selection and Promotions Decisions
    4. 4.4. Applications of Human Science to Selection Decisions
  14. 5. Human Science and Incentives
    1. 5.1. Human Science and Incentives
    2. 5.2. Human Science and Motivation
    3. 5.3. Performance Management
    4. 5.4. Applying Human Science to Incentive Contracts
    5. 5.5. Application of Human Science to Specific Incentive Issues
  15. Conclusion
    1. Garbage In...
    2. Our Argumentative Natures
    3. Advanced Analytics and Diagnosis of HCM Issues
    4. The Science (and Art) of Prediction
    5. The Challenges with Being Empirically Declarative
    6. Decision-Making Authority and Cooperation
    7. Sharing Control and Return Rights
    8. Individualization
  16. A. Definitions
  17. Endnotes
    1. Introduction
    2. Chapter 1
    3. Chapter 2
    4. Chapter 3
    5. Chapter 4
    6. Chapter 5
    7. Appendix A
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Applying Advanced Analytics to HR Management Decisions: Methods for Selection, Developing Incentives, and Improving Collaboration
  • Author(s): James C. Sesil
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780133064629