With the risk of forgetting some people that should get a mention here (if so, you know who you are and a big thanks to you, too), I say a huge thanks to the following:

My foreword authors: Martin Fowler and Eric Evans.

My guest authors: Frans Bouma, Dan Byström, Udi Dahan, Erik Dörnenburg, Mats Helander, Ingemar Lundberg, Philip Nelson, Claudio Perrone, Aleksandar Seović, and Christoffer Skjoldborg.

My reviewers who provided lots of valuable feedback: William Bulley, Mark Burhop, Dan Byström, Russ Condick, Andy Conrad, Christian Crowhurst, Mike Dörfler, Steve Eichert, Eric Evans, Martin Fowler, Paul Gielens, Chris Haddad, Kim Harding Christensen, Mats Helander, Neeraj Gupta, Anders Hessellund, Roger Johansson, Roger Kratz, Trond-Eirik ...

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