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Apprenticeship Patterns by Adewale Oshineye, Dave Hoover

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A note on the digital index

A link in an index entry is displayed as the section title in which that entry appears. Because some sections have multiple index markers, it is not unusual for an entry to have several links to the same section. Clicking on any link will take you directly to the place in the text in which the marker appears.


Alexander, Christopher, Usage, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?
apprenticeship, Introduction, What Does It Mean to Be an Apprentice?, What Is Apprenticeship?, Wrapping Up, Context, Problem, Construct Your Curriculum, Context, Solution, A Call for Apprenticeship, A Retrospective on the First Year of Obtiva’s Apprenticeship Program
constructing a curriculum, Construct Your Curriculum
deepening your knowledge, Context
humility, importance of, Wrapping Up
importance to software industry, A Call for Apprenticeship
meaning, What Does It Mean to Be an Apprentice?
recording what you learn, Context
seeking the origins of ideas, Solution
sharing knowledge, Problem
apprenticeship patterns, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?, Wrapping Up
Armour, Phillip, Wrapping Up
Auer, Ken, Solution


Baker, Steve, Solution
Be the Worst pattern, Context
Beck, Kent, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?
Becker, Howard S., Reading List
Book Chains, Solution
Bossavit, Laurent, Solution, Solution
Breakable Toys pattern, Problem
Brooks, Frederick, Nurture Your Passion


career planning, Solution
leaving a job, Solution
carreer planning, Context
changing careers, Solution
classics, finding and studying, Problem
code reviews, Solution
community, Problem
sharing knowledge, Problem
concrete skills, Action, Context, Action, Problem, Context
charting your progress, Action
CVs and, Action
growing, Context
learning at a faster pace, Problem
practice, Context
Concrete Skills pattern, Context
Confront Your Ignorance pattern, Context
Constantine, Larry, Solution
craftsmanship, What Is Software Craftsmanship?, Context, Solution, Solution, Conclusion
art, versus, Context
limitations in the craft approach, Conclusion
sustaining motivation for, Solution
sustaining passion, Solution
Craftsmanship Studios, A Retrospective on the First Year of Obtiva’s Apprenticeship Program
Cunningham, Ward, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?
curricula, Construct Your Curriculum
CVs, using as a planning tool, Action


The Deep End pattern, Solution
Dig Deeper pattern, Context
Draw Your Own Map pattern, Context
Dunning, David, Context
Dweck, Carol, What Is Software Craftsmanship?, What Does It Mean to Be an Apprentice?, Solution


Emptying the Cup pattern, Emptying the Cup
enthusiasm, Context
Ericsson, K. Anders, Solution
Expand Your Bandwidth pattern, Context
Expose Your Ignorance pattern, Context


failure, learning from, Context
Familiar Tools pattern, Context
Feathers, Michael, Solution
feedback and feedback loops, Context
Fernandez, Obie, Solution
Fielding, Roy, Solution
Find Mentors pattern, Context
Fowler, Martin, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?


Hoffer, Eric, Solution
Hoover, Dave, How to Contact Us, Introduction
evolution of a developer, Introduction
humility, Wrapping Up
Hunt, Andy, Solution, Perpetual Learning


identifying errors, Solution
ignorance, Context, Context
confronting, Context
exposing, Context


Jeffries, Ron, The Long Road
job titles, Context
Jobs, Steve, Solution
Johnson, Ralph, Solution
journeymen, What Is Software Craftsmanship?, What Does It Mean to Be a Journeyman?


katas, Solution
Kerievsky, Joshua, Solution, Study the Classics
Kerth, Norm, Reflect As You Work
Kindred Spirits pattern, Context
Knuth, Donald, Breakable Toys
Kruger, Justin, Context
Kua, Patrick, Solution


Lave, Jean, Solution
Learn How You Fail pattern, Context
learning, Solution, Problem
increasing the pace, Problem
sandboxes, Solution
Leonard, George, Solution, The Long Road, Solution, Stay in the Trenches, Solution, Practice, Practice, Practice
Lewis, C.S., Perpetual Learning
The Long Road pattern, Walking the Long Road
long-term planning, Context


Mahler, Gustaf, Walking the Long Road
maintaining confidence, Context, Walking the Long Road
certifications, Walking the Long Road
“Maps of People's Personal Practices” web page, Solution
Martin, Robert, Solution
masters and mastery, What Does It Mean to Be a Master?
McAdam, Desi, Solution
McBreen, Pete, What Is Software Craftsmanship?, What Is Apprenticeship?, Unleash Your Enthusiasm
McConnell, Steve, Solution
McMahon, Chris, Solution
mentors, Solution, Context
Merritt, Eric, Solution
Metheny, Pat, Solution
Mohan, Ravi, Solution
Morris, Chris, Process, Solution
motivation, Solution, Solution, Solution
potential barriers, Solution
promotion and, Solution


National Lottery number set generator, Solution


online resources, Online Resources
Oshineye, Ade, How to Contact Us, Solution
O’Reilly, Tim, Solution


Pagel, Paul, Solution
pair programming, Solution
passion, Solution
pattern forms, Pattern Form
pattern languages, Usage, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?
Pattern Languages of Programs workshop website, Process
pattern list, Pattern List
patterns, Organization
perlmonks, Walking the Long Road
perpetual learning, Perpetual Learning
personal practices maps, Solution
Peter Principle, Context
Pirsig, Robert, Retreat into Competence, Construct Your Curriculum
practice, Context, Problem
building toy systems, Problem
programming languages, Context, Solution, Solution, Solution, Solution, Action, Action, Context, Action
assessing language differences, Solution
building on prior knowledge, Context, Action
idioms, Solution, Action
learning a first language, Context, Solution, Solution, Action
language specifications, Action
mentors, Solution
small steps, Solution
promotion and your goals, Solution


Radhakrishnan, Mohan, Draw Your Own Map
reading lists, Context, Context
finding classics, Context
recognition, Solution
Record What You Learn pattern, Context
reflection, Context
Retreat into Competence pattern, Context
review, Solution
Riepenhausen, Enrique Comba, Solution
Roberts, Karlene, Solution
Rogers, Carl, Confront Your Ignorance
Rubbing Elbows pattern, Context


Scruggs, Jake, Expose Your Ignorance, Solution
self-assessment, Wrapping Up, Accurate Self-Assessment, Context, Problem
achieving objectivity, Problem
reflection, Context
Semmelweis, Ignac, Conclusion
Sennett, Richard, Solution, Conclusion
Share What You Learn pattern, Context
situated learning, What Is Software Craftsmanship?
Skiena, Steven S., Dig Deeper
Smith, Steve, Solution
software apprenticeship, Introduction (see apprenticeship)
software craftsmanship, What Is Software Craftsmanship?, What Is Software Craftsmanship?
defining values, What Is Software Craftsmanship?
software design culture, Context, Problem
collaboration, Problem
mentors, Context
software design patterns, What Is an Apprenticeship Pattern?, Where Did the Patterns Come From?
sources, Where Did the Patterns Come From?
software developer culture, Solution
companionship, Solution
source code, Context, Solution
code reviews, Solution
Stallman, Richard, Craft over Art
Stay in the Trenches pattern, Context
Stradivarius violins and cellos, Conclusion
Subversion, Solution
Surowiecki, James, Solution
Sutherland, Wyatt, Solution
Suzuki, Shunryu, Context
Sweep the Floor pattern, Context


tea ceremony, Emptying the Cup
teams, Context, Solution, Problem
acquiring qualifications, Context
being useful to, Problem
personal development and, Solution
test-driven development, Solution
Tharp, Twyla, Share What You Learn, Familiar Tools
Thomas, Dave, Solution, Solution, A Call for Apprenticeship
Tooke, Steve, Solution
Torvalds, Linus, Solution


Use the Source pattern, Context
Use Your Title pattern, Context


vendor tests, Solution


Wanstrath, Chris, Solution
Weick, Karl, Solution
Weinberg, Jerry, Solution, Solution, Create Feedback Loops
Wenger, Etiene, What Is Software Craftsmanship?
Wenger, Etienne, Solution
The White Belt pattern, Context
Wood, David, Solution


Zawinski, Jamie, Solution
Zen master story, Emptying the Cup

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