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R. BaruahAR and VR Using the WebXR APIhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-6318-1_8

8. Building VR for the Web with A-Frame

Rakesh Baruah1  
Brookfield, WI, USA

In this chapter we will return to creating a virtual reality experience through the WebXR API. Though we used the Three.js library and the WebXR API to create a virtual reality scene in exercise 5, in this chapter we will use the A-Frame framework. However, before we jump into the creative process with A-Frame, let’s review what we’ve learned so far in this course.

A Review So Far

We began this course with an introduction into the elements of WebGL, the API on which the WebXR API builds. By experimenting with the fundamentals of WebGL in the browser, we learned the following: ...

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