Chapter 9

Soldering On


check Learning all about soldering

check Getting all the right kits for the job

check Assembling a shield

check Moving from the breadboard to strip board

check Preparing your project for the real world

In previous chapters, I cover in great detail how to assemble circuits on a breadboard. If you read those chapters, you most likely already have a few ideas that build on or combine a few of the basic examples, so you may be asking, “What do I do next?”

This chapter takes you through the process, or art, of soldering. You discover all the tools you need to get your project ready for the real world. No more precariously balanced breadboards or flailing wires. From this point on, you'll know what you need to solder circuit boards that last.

Understanding Soldering

Soldering is a technique for joining metals. By melting metal with a much lower melting point than the metal you’re joining, you can link pieces of metal to form your circuit. Mechanical joints are great for prototyping, ...

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